Problem with a small screen (7 inch)

Dear Mr Moroni

I have a Raspberry Pi 4 B and a 7 inch touch screen monitor that I bought from Pimoroni. I am using Ubuntu on it, though I had the same problem when I was using Raspberry OS.

Here is the problem. This is a very small screen. When changing settings or adding software or the like – a window will pop up with boxes to tick or click. Because the screen is so small, part of the window is hidden outside the visible area. This makes it impossible to click on boxes at the bottom of the window.

How can I tweak the display so that everything I need to see is visible and accessible?

Sometimes I can drag the window around, but never in a way that shows me the inaccessible part.

The only solution – which is a pain – is to alter the display settings to portrait rather than landscape. Sometimes this reveals the hidden parts of a window.

Also – this is a related problem – with Ubuntu, when you click on the icon to show installed programs, the icons that come up are tiny, and only a few letters of the title. How can I make these icons legible and visible?

I hope this is comprehensible, and that you can offer a solution!

With thanks,

There is an option to optimize GUI for a small medium or large screen. I don’t remeber where exactly it is, Rasberry Pi configuration I think? Or maybe right click , display properties. Using the small screen option may help.
Another thing you can do is right click on the open window in question, and look for a drag option. You may have to right click on the title bar at the top of the window?
If you can find it you can then move the whole window up the screen to get at the bottom.