Problem with gfxhat examples

Hi. Im new.

New gfx hat today. Installed onto pins on my pi b.

Clean install of raspbian.

Used curl install from the python library. All seemed to work ok.

Examples do not work and dont understand the errors. Can anyone please help?

Make sure i2c is enabled.

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Yes. That definitely helped. Thank you.

Now, some progress, leds flash when running but now an AttributeError. My googling cant find a solution. Any ideas?

Can’t help you with that one, not with my current skill level anyway. :(

Just a thought, how old is that device / installer? Might be a Python3 versus Python2 issue? Post a link to the installer you ran when you get a chance.
EDIT: If it was this, pimoroni/gfx-hat: Python library for the Pimoroni GFX HAT (
sudo pip3 install gfxhat
and or
sudo pip2 install gfxhat

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That worked, thank you for helping me!!

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Nice, now you get to have some fun. =)