Problem with modifying the config.txt file to reverse the display

I am using the Raspberry Pi3 Model 3 V1.2 board and 7 inch display and when put in the case designed for that combo the display is upside down. I’ve found the procedure to modify the config.txt file by adding the line: lcd_rotate=2 but I am not able to do any changes to that file. I’m locked out of changing anything concerning that file.

How can I get around making the needed change so I can get the display to be correct?


sudo nano /boot/config.txt

is what you need. If not you need to give us more details about what distro you are using, if different than Raspbian.

Ok, I’ve typed the above command in the terminal screen and it brings up
the config.txt file. I am using Raspian as the OS.

Where is the best place to add the line and what is the command to save the
modified file as I’m not seeing a place to do so?

I found some info on this text editor and added the line to the file at the
bottom. Managed to save it with the ctrl+X command and save it. Now the
display is coming up correctly so thanks for the help in getting this issue

Gary A.