Problem with Scroll:bit in Make Code?

Every time I use the Scroll:bit code in MakeCode, my Micro:bit gives me an 844 error. If I take the code out, it works normally. This happens whether or not the Scroll:bit is attached. Am I doing something wrong, or is there a problem elsewhere?

GC allocation failed for requested number of bytes. From here

I don’t know what that means, but its more info. Unless your a head of me and already looked it up. ;)

Running out of space / storage on the Microbit maybe?

It’s apparently a garbage collection error, which I think is a newer feature in MakeCode.

A ‘Garbage collector’ has been introduced to improve memory usage. From MDN “High-level languages embed a piece of software called “garbage collector” whose job is to track memory allocation and use in order to find when a piece of allocated memory is not needed any longer in which case, it will automatically free it”.

I have no idea what that means in this case, as I can literally have one line of the Scroll:bit code loaded and get this error. The micro:bit has no other files on it. My guess is that MakeCode changed in a way that interferes with the Scroll:bit, but I can’t find that anyone else has seen an issue.

I have two Microbits. I’m a bit embarrassed to say I haven’t done anything with them in ages. I didn’t use Make code, I used Mu. It was just my personal preference at the time. Kind of ironic as I was a Microsoft MVP then. I did try it but got frustrated and switched coders.

I did do a search on that error message but only ever got the description I posted above. Struck out after that.

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