Software for scroll:bit

I enjoyed using your Scroll pHAT (the original one) with the RPi, and like the idea of your new scroll:bit. Man, does the microbit need better display options !

Does the scroll:bit have a Python library that allows easy display of text, graphs etc via micro-python ? If so, can you point me to the library description, github etc.

I’ve just pushed it up here:

I got slightly distracted by the Makecode / PXT stuff :D

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If I connect the microbit to new scroll:bit , not the scroll pHAT HD, can I still connect to pin 0 or 1 to emit a sound or tone? From the photo, it seems the scroll:bit connector blocks the other pins…

You definitely can get banana plugs into the holes and still have the scrollbit engaged enough to display as well as the microbit making noise. You’ll have to experiment with the software though - I wrote a test program in makecode and found that the scrolling text slowed the ‘start melody’ block right down.