Hello, I had a question about the scroll:bit product.
Can the microbit emit a tone through an external speaker or buzzer when the scroll:bit is attached? The picture shows the scroll:bit connector covers Pins o , 1 ,2,3 and GND. I need to connect the speaker or buzzer to one of those pins.

The scroll:bit connector does cover all of the pins, so you would need to find some way of making a connection to your speaker. I’ve done this by soldering directly to the header (of the add-on) itself, but it’s somewhat tricky. You might be able to sandwich the end of your wire between the connector and micro:bit header.

Hello, which pins are being used for the scroll display…only the SCL SDA pins and GND pin? And the display only comes in white LEDs ?

Yep- just SCL, SDA, GND and 3V.

At the moment it only comes with white LEDs- we’re doing Scroll pHAT HD in different colours, though, so these might eventually find their way to scroll:bit.

Just to make sure (since websites are not always up to date)…the Scroll pHAT HD does NOT use micropython OR Makecode? There is no plans to update the API for the Scroll pHAT HD to make it run with micropython or circuitpython or Makecode.

I plan to purchase the scroll:bit and place color plastic in front of the white LEDs to change color.

Also, is their a United States distributor or do I just order from pimoroni?

Scroll pHAT HD should work with the scroll:bit software just fine, but:

  • You would need to figure out how to wire it up
  • It’s not power limited in the same was as scroll:bit, you will need to supply 5v
  • I believe it’s rotated 180 degrees, but that’s not such a huge deal

People have had success using bit2pi ( to run Scroll pHAT HD: - which would solve problem 1. and 2. quite handily.

That would also give you the connections you need for your speaker. Plus you could pick the colour you want!

As long as you keep the brightness low, you can wire a Scroll pHAT HD right onto a micro:bit with pin:bit