Scroll:bit and inky:bit 927 error

Disclaimer: I am new to all this so need to be handheld through it!

My daughter was give a microbit V2 plus scroll:bit and inky:bit for Christmas.

She has got various simple programs working however when she tries anything using either the scroll:bit or inky:bit, the :-(927 error message appears. Both should work with the microbit v2.
What are we not doing that we should be doing?


Is this something coming up on the Microbit itself?

The Microbit error codes page says:

“The program is incompatible with the micro:bit version you are using. You are trying to use a feature designed for micro:bit V2 on a micro:bit V1 or an extension that is only compatible with a micro:bit V1 board on a micro:bit V2.”

I’m not too familiar with Microbits, but you may need to remove bits of code until you find the offending line, and then figure out how to replace it.

@Shoe I’ve seen error codes flash up on the LED matrix.
It actually scrolls the message, syntax error in line… for example.
I don’t have a V2 MicroBit though, just two V1’s, which I haven’t used in a while.

@nikkip Just curios what you coded with Mu or Makecode etc? Not sure but might make a difference? I used Mu as I like to code in python. I couldn’t maker any sense out of the Make Code stuff, and being a former Microsoft MVP didn’t help, lol.

Yes, it’s on the microbit, when we flash the code to it. Only happens when using the inky :bit and scroll:bit, not when using the microbit alone

Used maker code as it’s like Scratch with which my daughter is familiar

Ok, use what works for you, or her. =)
I learned python on my Raspberry Pi so I stuck with that. I played around with my MicroBit quit a bit when I first got it. Then it sort of fell by the wayside and I never really got back to it.

Hi, we are getting the same error. Did you find a solution?


I emailed Pimoroni, who I bought them from, and had the following response:

“ We have been in touch with the makecode website as this error was brought to our attention. The fault is with the website as they have disabled a part of the code necessary for it to remain compatible and they are aware of this. They informed us they were reactivating the part of the code so that it will work again.

I cannot say when they will re-enable the code but we are hoping it will be very soon.

Do you have a V1 microbit? I ask as you will be able to test the scrollbit works with that so you will know if it is indeed working or has a fault”

Not very helpful! My daughter’s tried a couple of times since but nothing yet. Let me know if you have any luck!