Purpose of the "screen button board"?

Hi folks;

Just built my first Picade a short time ago, using the great video at https://learn.pimoroni.com/tutorial/picade/build.

Just curious: what’s the purpose of the “screen button board” connected via a ribbon cable to the display? When/why/how would I use it?

Thanks in advance.

My guess is its the same buttons you find on your PC monitor to adjust its settings? Brightness, contrast etc? It’s either that or they are user defined to do what ever you want them too do.

They didn’t seem to have any effect on brightness etc. when I first tried them, but I wasn’t too thorough about it ;-) … I’ll try again. Thanks.


They should bring up an on screen display which allows you to alter the things mentioned above.



Ah ha, yes it does! I guess I missed that particular button before (slapping myself on forehead). Thanks everyone!

  •     Dave

Yeah, sometimes you have to hit one particular button to get it all started. On a regular monitor the functions are marked/labelled. On stuff like that, maybe not. Unless you actually read the instructions. But where’s the fun in doing that lol. ;)

I would have read the instructions if I could find any. ;-)