Pygamer beginner questions

Hi all,

I have just received my Pygamer which is a present for my son so I can teach him a bit about coding.
The first thing I notice is that the screen is hanging off, is there a reason for that or is it broken?
Also, there doesn’t seem to be a battery, buttons or speaker included so it seems I need to add these. Can anybody advise what I buy to make it work as a portable device because yes, it fits in my pocket but I would need a very long wire to use it if I wanted to take it anywhere :D
I bought the case with it because it was recommended when I was purchasing but I wasn’t offered a speaker or battery or buttons. If I bought a battery, buttons and speaker, would they fit with the case I have bought? I don’t have any money really so I can’t afford to buy the wrong thing again.
I purchased a kit from another company and my Pygamer is a replacement for that disaster. My son was so excited when he got it, but then there was no support for it and we couldn’t do anything with it. That is why I purchased a Pygamer instead. I don’t want to tell him I have got it until it all works.
Thanks for any help.

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The screen should be held in place by a double sided sticky tape or pad.
Going by this
Adafruit PyGamer for MakeCode Arcade, CircuitPython or Arduino : ID 4242 : $44.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

These are the buttons used.
Plastic Button Caps For Square Top (10-pack) - 8mm Diameter : ID 4228 : $0.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits
And this speaker,
Mini Oval Speaker with Short Wires - 8 Ohm 1 Watt : ID 4227 : $1.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits
And this is a recommended battery
Lithium Ion Polymer Battery with Short Cable - 3.7V 350mAh : ID 4237 : $5.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

Bless you, thank you for the info.

The screen was completely hanging off and all the bits inside were separated. I have pressed it down now but had to use some double sided tape to make it stay down, it seems to work ok.

Do you know if the battery will charge when the Pygamer is plugged in via USB or do I need something else to charge the battery?

Thank you so much.

Edit: The Pygamer looks like it’s going to be so much fun, I had no idea how much it could do. I am new to the scene and only really wanted a small device for my son to code and play retro style games on (using MakeCode Arcade mainly). I am so glad I found out about it, I wish I had looked a bit harder though and bought the buttons and battery etc. I stumbled on a beginner Pygamer pack that looks like what I should have bought initially. I can’t wait to start a project with my son, I will definitely be playing around with it myself as well :D

I just realised that I can use the buttons from the ‘other’ device I mistakenly purchased and I am pretty sure the speaker in the above link could be found in something I have kicking about, some old headphones maybe. I definitely have one of those white connectors on something somewhere as well. I am getting into the spirit already :)
I have a few 3.7v Li batteries kicking about as well but I think I will buy one already made, just to be safe.

Yeah, the buttons should still be usable without the colored caps on them.
The big deal with LIPO batteries is getting the polarity correct. Red is + and Black is -. Bad things can happen if the battery gets hooked up wrong. Some batteries have the wires switched in the white JST plug.
The product page states the following
You can power the PyGamer from any of our LiPoly batteries which will fit into the acrylic case. An on-off switch will save battery power when not in use. Or power from the Micro USB port - it will also charge up the battery if one is attached.


Yes. I just found that out. I can’t believe it. I used photos for reference to make sure I got the red black the correct way round (red nearest to screen as I couldn’t see any +/- on the pygamer). I used a LiPoly battery from an old quadcopter that was exactly 3.7v 350mah and had a plug that fit the socket. Something burnt out straight away :…(
A lot of smoke came out, I’ve killed it.
I think I’ll go back to coding and leave electronics alone, I’ve wasted too much money already.

I followed the links above but they couldn’t ship the batteries to the UK. I have tried to get a battery from the UK but it seems impossible.

Thanks for your help.

If it has to go by Air to get to you they won’t ship it. I’m in Canada, I can get LIPO’s from Adafruit as they ship by ground from the US to me. I can’t buy LIPO’s from Pimoroni because they have to go by Air over the big pond.
That appears to be the correct way to plug it in? Something must have swapped alone the way?

Yeah I figured it was something to do with air freight but Pimoroni don’t stock the 350mah, it seems to be the only one they don’t have. I believe their warehouse is only 20 miles from me as well lol.

If your sure you had the battery corrected the right way, you may have got a defective unit. Or it got damaged in shipping? Especially with the screen detached like that.
Might be worth seeing if Pimoroni will send you another one?
If you e-mail them via the following link, put a link to this thread in the e-mail.
Contact Us for Raspberry Pi Technical Support – Pimoroni

Yes I definitely only had it so the red wire was nearest the screen. After the burnout I purposely melted the plug a bit on the battery so I could try it the other way round (black nearest screen). All the 5 red lights on the front of the Pygamer come on so, I think the battery from the cheap quadcopter is actually wired the wrong way which isn’t any fault of Pimoroni. My son has purchased another one for himself which should come with a battery, as advertised. Maybe the burnt out one I have here will be handy to save for spares.

Thank you :)

I’ve made my fair share of blunders, and let the magic blue smoke out of one or two items. I haven’t let that stop me from trying again. Even those of us that think we know what we are doing (me) make mistakes. ;)

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