Replacement LCD Screen from Display-o-tron


Hi all,

I received a Display-o-tron HAT from my birthday yesterday however when it arrived the LCD screen was smashed, unfortunately the family member has lost the email in which they bought it from. After looking around i see that pimoroni sell the screen individually:

Would it be possible to solder this new one on? rather not have to buy a whole new HAT.




Yes you could solder it in just fine. Or contact and they will send a new one out.


Thanks for confirming pi2003. I was worried that contacting them would not go far as it was a gift so i dont have an email confirmation.




Is it definitely smashed, and not the protective film on top looking like lines? Could you post a pic?


Yeah unfortunately it is definitely smashed the screen in bottom corner is now blue. Attaching pics


Ouch! That’s smashed all right. While you could solder a replacement, it would be tricky to say the least. And there’s really no telling if it wasn’t smashed on its way to whoever bought it. PM me, or email us, your details, and I’ll get a replacement sent your way!


Thankyou so much for your help i have PM’d you


Hi @gadgetoid

I have emailed yesterday regarding the replacement screen you sent me. Once again this arrived smash and in worst state that the first.

Is it common for them to get this damaged during transit?


Sorry Ignore received an email from Matt


Good grief, that’s definitely not normal. Do you know if the person delivering your post has some unrealized dreams of being a professional footballer?

I’m glad Matt’s got you covered. Third time lucky, right?



Tell me about it not overly happy with them! I would say maybe label products like that with “Fragile” but they will only ignore!

Hopefully! Thanks for all your help


I had the same on mine, the glass had cracked where the metal clips hold the glass cover. I think the glass on this product is fragile.
On a plus note I sent them an email and the product was replaced as quickly as the could manage without any hassle. Top marks for customer service :D


Definitely! Such is the nature of glass :(

But it’s worth it for a screen that doesn’t look like this:


Agreed Customer Service has been the best i have experienced