Question about Snowflake light patterns

Hi, has anybody come across a description of the modes of the Snowflake lighting decs? I’ve come across the video from Luck Resistor that goes through the 11 modes, they are all very nice and look great on the actual units. My favourite is probably the mode ‘Circles’ where the lights eminate from the centre and move outwards from the snowflake, but I also like the flurry effect, and they’re all good. What I wondered is if there is a mode where it cycles through all of them. Is that just their intial mode selected on power on? I need to sit down with them really and watch them! Thanks

I just today got mine and put it all together. It looks like if you remove the power / unplug the power supply, when you plug it back in they will slowly cycle through each of the patterns.
If you then manually select one pattern, shutdown by holding the button, and don’t remove power. Pressing the button again will start it back up at the pattern you left it on.

I have it appears one defective snowflake. It just slowly cycles through the patterns and ignores any button presses. Best guess is its getting the +5V and Ground, but no data signal from the out of the snowflake before it. It and any snowflakes connected to its Out connector ignore the controller and just cycle through the patterns.