"Snowflake Solo" problem - cannot change pattern

hello and happy holidays,
I would like to thank you for the snowflake gift coming with my order.
but there is a tiny flaw. by pushing the mini push button switch sometimes works normally but others after ten or twenty tries. I cannot know if it’s a mechanical problem but occasionally I have to push hardly the button, others normally to achieve the next pattern and sometimes doesn’t make a touch at all. so the modes aren’t working properly. any suggestions?
thank you in advance

If you haven’t already, I’d remove that plastic cover piece, just for testing. If I do all 4 screws up tight, the cover presses the button down and holds it down.
Something else to do is redo the ribbon cable connections at both ends. If the snow flake doesn’t get the data signal from the button it won’t change modes.

Hi Kerry. Thanks for your help.
There is not plastic cover nor screws. As I understand the Snowflake Solo has different control board from the five starts snowflakes (PIM481) currently available on shop.
I double checked the ribbon cable with no success.

Ok, I bought the 5 snowflake version. I have one of the five that won’t respond to button presses at all. It initializes and then goes into the demo mode and cycles through the patterns.
If it’s the first one in the chain they all do that, if its last it just does its own thing. It never gets the data in signal, near as I can tell anyway. I just made due with 4 instead of 5 while I wait for a reply from Pimoroni.
In your case I’m thinking its the button board or button that’s got a problem. I guess it could be the ribbon cable? I had multiple cables so ruling out a cable issue was easy for me.