Snowflake, button will not work?

I have one of the Snowflake kits with the 5 Snowflakes.
And two of the Solo kits.

Something weird is going on with the buttons on the solo kits. One will only work if connected with a ribbon cable. If I solder a 3 wire cable on it doesn’t work. The snowflake lights up but button presses do nothing? The other button was working via a soldered on cable but has now stopped working completely. Won’t work with a ribbon cable either.

All the snowflakes work when connected up to the button that came with the 5 snowflake kit. All the ribbon cables tested OK too.

The plan was a set of 4, a set of two, and a single
The set of 4 works fine with soldered on wires.
The set of two works but only with ribbon cables. I can live with that,
The last single won’t respond to button presses, when used with this specific button.

The cables I’m using are these,
3-pin JST-SH cables for Grow moisture sensors (pack of 3) - Pimoroni