Coating snowflake with protective lacquer

I am going to hang my snowflake lights in the front window and just wanted to make sure there would be no problem with condensation etc, so i am planning on coating them with some electrolube clear protective lacquer. I have already soldered old ribbon cables between the snowflakes to give me a longer distance than the 6 or 7 inches that the supplied flat cables provide. They look great not being in a line and so close together (Pimoroni should really consider selling these with an option for much longer flat cables between the snowflakes)

Should there be any problem with spraying them with lacquer? I’ve used it before for projects that were subject to high humidity. It is clear, can be used at lower temperatures, does not need to be cooked and can be soldered through.

I don’t work for Pim but I can’t think of any issues coating the Snowflakes. Maybe try coating one just to be sure.

Ditto to what Crowbot said. I’d spray one and see how it looks and works afterward. And then go from there.

Yeah, probably the best course of action. I’ve had a think about it and decided I’ll put something at three points on the snowflake to give me a few mm’s standoff from the window

/edit as well as put the lacquer on it

I was wondering if there is a source for additional FFC. If we could purchase additional long 100 cm FFC to go between the snowflakes.

The longest I could find commercially is 210mm. These are unshielded cables so they may not be good for transmitting data for much longer.