Snowflake: Flat cable connector misplaced on power board

Hello Pimoroni,
I properly connected all boards by tutorial you have on your website, but unfortunately after connecting power via micro USB cable, no snowflakes are shining. After some digging with my voltmeter and continuity tester, I found that it’s caused by misplaced flat cable connector on power board (the smallest board).

GND and DATA line are seems somehow connected, but VCC line is disconnected between power board and first snowflake.

Any idea how to fix it? Unfortunately I don’t have hot air station so I can’t resolder the connector.

Go here to e-mail Pimoroni Tech support directly. Include a link to this thread and they should fix you up with a new one.

If your keen to try and fix it I’d clean as much solder off as possible with solder wick or something. A wet sponge will work if your quick to swipe before the solder hardens again. Then take a needle and carefully lift each contact one by one while melting the solder with your iron. If you take your time and go carefully, you may be able to lift all 4. Then see if you can gently push it so its lined up and solder them back down.