I purchased a qwiic enabled motor driver board. On the webpage it said that all qwiic board use the common 1mm 4 pin JST so I ordered those too.

They have all eventually arrived and there is no way that these JST plugs are suitable for the qwiic connection. I cannont find any suitable wires on the Pimoroni site at all, despite you selling loads of qwiic enabled boards.

What is going on?

Qwiic uses 1mm JST-SH connectors, exactly what type of JST connector did you get? (JST is a company, they make a lot of different connectors).

Pimoroni have been saying for a while that they were going to get Stemma QT cables (which should be Qwiic compatible) but I haven’t seen them arrive yet. The Pi Hut sells them but they’re out of stock at the moment.

I got JST-PH 4 pin connectors, they must have been laughing at my stupidity as they put them in the packet along with the qwiic board

Heh, I’m sure they see a lot of people buying odd combinations of things. After all, they don’t know what you already have.

(I’ve always wondered if Pimoroni/PiHut are going to tweet in confusion when I order something like 9 surface mount GPIO headers and a Pi Zero case.)

@shepium Speak of the Devil, the cables have just been listed in the store.