Spare JST Cable required

I need a spare JST to JST for the LED Add-On - I have emaioled them to find out which JST connector they use but they have not repoied - does anyone know? I tried ordering the JST-SH cable but that isn’t right

What LED add on, for what device? I’m guessing maybe Plasma light for the Picade?
Need more info to give any help.

Hi there - sorry about that yeah this one: Picade Plasma Kit - Illuminated Arcade Buttons – Pimoroni

“Picade Plasma Kit - Illuminated Arcade Buttons” - the “button cables” have JST to JST connectors (so I’m NOT talking about the HOST cable, which is JST to header pins) - I want to know where I can get a spare “button cable” for the kit

Ok, if it had been Stemma that would be easy. Might be hard with what little info is there on the Plasma Product page. Sounds like you have already done the contact us thing.
Lets try this @hel he is with the Pimoroni crew.

I believe the Plasma ones are JST ZH, whilst Stemma is JST SH (so… many… kinds… of… JST connector…!)

@qbalsdon - We don’t sell the Plasma ones separately, but support can probably sort you out with a spare cable if you drop them an email -

Thankyou @hel . @qbalsdon I’d put a link to this thread in that support e-mail. It will more than likely speed things up. Maybe even a link to the other thread where you had your issue, I’m pretty sure it was you anyway. =)