Radio Pirate Screen

Hello Hello,

Do you think it would be possible to add an LCD screen (16x2) to the radio to display the name of the stations ? For example with a connection in i2c to gain simplicity.

Thank you for your answers ! :)

Thats something I would like to see, pun intended. =) . Actually I’d be more interested in seeing the song title etc. Album title on one line, name of song on the other. I’m sure its doable, I don’t think I have those skills though.

that would be nice to have for the pirate radio, I have the the display-o-tron hat and it has a examples that plays and shows some radio stations ,not as good as the pirate radio dose though

I have a 16x2 display with the added i2c / SPI backpack.

I’ve had it running on my Arduino, haven’t hooked it up to a Pi though.
And I have a second 16x2 on the way, without the back pack.

It was shipped on the 26th. the i2c one would be what I’d use if I was to try this. I’m going to look into it, not making any promises though. ;)

The title of the radio station being listened to me would be enough, if later other information can be displayed, it could be interesting !