Rasberry Pi Zero nothing works

Ok so i’ve just purchased a Rasberry Pi Zero from Pimoroni which arrived today.
I have a Verbatim MicroSD HC Class 10 32GB.

I have so far used Win32DiskImager, Etcher & WinFlashToImage to load in Noobs/Jessie & Retropie 4.1 to no avail.

Spent 6hrs doing it different ways. The Image loads up using the 32gb MicroSD perfectly fine on the old Rasberry Pi One, however loading it into the Pi Zero I either get nothing at all (on screen or flashing) or 4 flashes.

I have re-downloaded the images & even tried booting the MicroSD card from the Pi One that works in the Zero. Nothing is working at all.

Any ideas or do I need to get this device replaced by Pimoroni?


it’s possible the Pi is DOA, however, what images specifically are you downloading?

also, how are you connecting the zero to your screen - could it be the adapter used which is faulty?

… incidentally, by ‘old Pi One’, I assume you mean the B+, with 40 pins header, not the earlier 26-pin?

Was the latest noobs, latest Jessie and the Retropie is the version from their site for raspberry pi 0/1.

As every image is working fine when plugging the Microsd into the 1st gen pi I would presume that confirms DOA?

I have used my hdmi cable which is small one end and large the other which I use on my PC as well.

we don’t get too many zero DOA, but yes, I guess yours might be. Shoot support@pimoroni.com an email and they’ll sort you out.

Not trivial but if you’ve got a wifi dongle, you can drop a wpa_supplicant.conf file on the SD card and see if it connects to your network?

ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev


Out of interest, could you post a decent quality photo of the top of the board, please?

I see you fitted the optional 2x2 header… it’s a long shot, but verify that you don’t have any short there - one of those pair specifically is meant to ‘reset’ the Pi, so if that connection is continuous then you’d get something interesting happening (and by interesting I mean highly undesirable).

well, I guess any short along the 40-way header would also potentially lead to malfunction but I can’t tell from that pic whether you’ve got a clean soldering all along.

it’s hard to tell if the trace just below pin 40 could be damaged.

Regardless, pop support an email, but I do recommend you test the new one before soldering any header… like I said, the number of Zeros we’ve had DOA can be counted on one hand, so it’s unusual to say the least.