Raspberry Jam Orange (Courthézon, Vaucluse, France) - Sunday 22 February 2015

We’re running our first Rhône Valley Raspberry Jam here in the South of France on Sunday 22nd February from 10am to 5pm in the village of Courthézon, just outside Orange (10mins).

We’re already 29 registered for this free event with just under 2 weeks to go! Plenty of space still. I think we’ll be quite a few that day, all ages, all levels and all backgrounds. Going to be fun - come and join us!

More info and registration : http://eventbrite.fr/e/billets-rhone-valley-raspberry-jam-rencontres-autour-du-nano-ordi-a-la-framboise-15438067676

All welcome to share our passion in things Raspberryyy, Arduinoyyyy and generally techy ;o)

Presentations and demos and activities in French for all. We’ll have our friend “who wrote the book” in French, François Mocq (http://www.framboise314.fr ), with us to help out and show us around the Pi.

Looking forward to meeting everyone there! A bientôt, Alan.

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