Raspberry Pi 2 driving old laptop screen

Hi, this might be a bit broad but I have a RaspPi 2 and an old dead laptop. I will as wondering if I could get the RaspPi to talk to the laptop screen once I took the screen out of its laptop casing? If using a RaspPi 3 or zero is better that is fine, I am just looking for a project for this currently unused Pi 2! Ideally I would like to use it magic mirror way, showing a clock, news, even video.

Any suggestions?

Alex of Raspi.tv has done this, I believe it depends upon the laptop display whether or not you can get a driver board for it- you will almost certainly need one- see: http://raspi.tv/2016/make-a-full-hd-15-6-inch-screen-for-32-for-your-raspberry-pi-dslr-or-video-camera

Amazing! I thought it was unlikely but once again the RaspPi community has already got there! Thanks for your super quick response and the great link, I look forward to getting stuck in!


Just as Alex from Raspi.tv said, it worked! The controller board arrived today and once plugged in and powered up, I now have the Raspbian desktop on the old laptop display running from a RaspPi 2! Thanks Alex for the video and gadgetoid for the link!


That’s fantastic :D Thanks for dropping back and showing us your display up and running!

This is why I <3 this community, there’s more or less someone to answer any question and solve any problem.

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