Raspberry pi 3 competitor.... The Asus Tinker board


Do you think it’s been over clocked?


Ohh isn’t that pretty with the coloured headers and the blue-green decals.

Pimoroni planning to stock or support it?


CPC/Farnell are no longer stocking this board

Looks to have been a one night wonder.


Apparently, the Tinker board was removed for sale due to software issues:

Maybe, related to the thermal issues noted by RogueM.


I suspect that from CPC’s point of view they were the people expected to fill the gap in support - or lack thereof.

… finding the images to flash onto the board is the first hurdle.
… then you realise that there is a mess of sources linked to apt, with some packages having dependencies that can’t be satisfied.

… it really is not a pretty sight.

That said, I think it’s a decent board, and I hope it is easier to source in the future than currently, but it’s not a ‘plug and go’ type of board, you will run into issues, and familiarity with linux in general - not just the basics, is a requirement.

… it does not have to be, but unless Asus put their weight in to create a momemtum then I think it will be hard for them to create demand, and, as a result, a network for distribution.


It’s a nice board, but I suspect it would be far more trouble than it’s worth to sell.


This board started of sounding like a more powerful pi 3 but now I think it’s more trouble than It’s worth. I think it’s better of just to go for Pi 3 b’s for now. It’s thermal issues are obviously serious and therefore it’s a work in progress rather than a upgraded version of a Pi 3 :)


I thinks it’s a good idea just to go with the Pi. The OSMC is good and fairly easy to use.