Does OnOff SHIM work with Asus Tinker Board S?

Hi there,

the OnOff SHIM ( looks like a great tool. Does it work on Asus Tinker Board S ( as well?

Thank you in advance and many greetings from Germany

What OS does the Tinker Board run? I’m thinking the Pimoroni installer will probably only run in Raspbian. And without the software your not going to get full functionality.

Thanks for your reply!

I’m running TinkerOS_Debian v2.0.11

The GPIO numbering differs on the board but I could fix them manually. What do you think?

If it was me, I think I’d try running the installer for the On Off shim and see what happens. You’ll likely get an unsupported OS message or something. In that case you’ll have to code something up on your own to get it to work. Assuming the +5V ,3.3V and Ground pins on the GPIO are in the same locations they are on a Pi.

Yes, the pins have the same layout:

And they are colored which is a great help :-)

Alright, thank you for your advice. I’ll give it a try.


I almost bought a Tinker Board. I have an ASUS laptop and two desktops with ASUS motherboards. But just about the time I was going to pull the trigger and buy one the Pi 4B was launched and I bought that instead. No regrets so far. Way more support for the PI IMHO.

You are absolutely right about the better support for the pi.

What I like about the tinker board s is the high quality audio that comes from the 3,5mm jack. The audio on Pi (even on 4B) seems still very bad. As I am building an audio player for my kids this is an important function.

The tinker board s has a power-on button so you can start and shutdown the board with one button. Unfortunately if it shuts down the usb ports (in my case the usb powered speakers) still get powered. This is why I wanted to check th e OnOff SHIM which really cuts off the power.

I had a Kodi rig setup at one point. I can do that on my XBOX now and play though my TV. No having to switch inputs on the TV etc.
I do have a Internet Radio setup with a Pi Zero W and pHat Beat. The speakers are an old set of Logitech’s that had a dead amplifier board. They are driven right from the pHat Beat now. I just leave it powered up when off. I can press one button and it just boots up and starts to play my favourite Classic Rock channel.