Retropie on picade running raspberry 4

Hello, wonder if you could help. I have bought a Picade - Raspberry Pi Arcade Machine (which says it supports raspberry 4)and have just completed the build tonight. I purchased a Raspberry Pi 4 at the same time.
I haven’t actually turned on yet as just finished. But had a look online and could not see a download for Retropie for a raspberry 4. I bought a ‘NOOBS’ Preinstalled Micro SD Card (Latest v3.2.1) at the same time as well.
Have I made a mistake in buying the 4 should I have gone for the Raspberry Pi 3? Or is there a way of running retropie on 4 as can not see on the downloads

Hi Stuart

I did exactly the same as you a couple of weeks ago and installed a fully load Arcade Punks image for a RPi4 which worked apart fromI couldn’t install the Picadehat drivers and so gave up on that idea.

I found this tutorial on YouTube on how to get RetroPie working on a RPi4.

I didn’t try this, I decided to buy a RPi3 B+ for the time being until RetroPie for the Pi4 comes out.

Give it a go as it’ll probably work.

Please report back as I’d be interested to know if it works.

Hope this helps.

Sadly this method didn’t work for me.
It won’t start emulationstation. I use a RPi3 B+ in my Picade instead for now until an official Pi4 RetroPie is released

Unfortunately had no joy getting it to work, found a few tutorials but keep getting error messages. Have decided to get a raspberry pi 3 + and wait for the RetroPie download for the 4 at a later date