Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 and Picade 10"

Buying this as a gift and not familiar with the different Pi models. Will the Compute Module work with Picade?

I’m impressed you have found CMs to buy! 😛

I am going to assume this won’t work though - the Picade contains a “hat” board that fits onto a regular Pi. The product page in the Pimoroni shop is not too specific if a 3B would work, so I’d err on the side of caution, and say that a 4 would be required.

There was a previous Picade Hat that was Pi 3B compatible. Software should be 3B OK. And the Picade X hat is

  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi computers with 40 pin header.

As far as I know one reason for the X version was the USB C power jack, so you could use an official Pi 4 power supply. And a few extras / upgrades.
So I guess it comes down to what IO board you use with it?

Discliamer, I don’t own a Picade. It is on my wish list though.

EDIT: A compute module is also on my Wish List. It’s one of a short list of Pi models I have yet to use.