Raspberry Pi Pinout - Version 2

I’ve been working on the open-source, creative-commons successor to my Pinout website for a few weeks now, and it replaced the old Pinout a while ago too.

You can take a look here: http://pi.gadgetoid.com/pinout

And find the source, for your own amusement or adaptation, here: https://github.com/gadgetoid/pinout2

I’d be interested to hear any comments, suggestions, wishes or feedback- I really want this to be a definitive resource for pinout information across the Pi and as many add-ons as possible.

P.S. If you have an add-on you want added, and know the Pinout then you should have a look at the format of the overlay files: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Gadgetoid/Pinout2/master/src/en-GB/overlay/explorer-hat-pro.md

I plan to build tools to do lots of useful things with these overlay files, and welcome others to do the same- I think having a common, standard format for pinout data gives us the chance to do really cool stuff!

Finally, if you’ve got a lot of spare time, and your native language isn’t English or Turkish then I’d really appreciate any translation effort you’d like to contribute.

Current Translations:

  • French - WIP - @RogueM
  • Turkish - @ardadev (Twitter)

My 1st thought about improvement would be to support other languages but then its hard to do that consistently when you have users adding add-on’s

I will think more about it

BUT Must say this is stunning work! Great job Phil

So. Warum ist der seite auf Deutsch? Schneller, schneller! :D

( I didn’t even Google translate that abomination )

Nah you did well ;-)

missing a ‘nicht’

Damn, I conflated “Warum” ( which I think is “Where” ) with “Why”! So close.

I have actually started on the French translation… the main issue, besides time, is that I have to read all sorts of articles to make sure I use widely accepted vocabulary!

But sure, you can strike that language off your list. If any French speaking contributor comes your way send them to me and I’ll coordinate with them.

looking at your roadmap, I can’t wait for phase 3’s “does X board work with Y board”. Right now it’s a bit of a pain to figure it out!

Now, if someone can make a gadgetoid cloning machine so that this can all happen by next Friday the world (of Pi anyhow) will be a better place!

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here is a start… http://roguem.github.io/Pinout2/

you can check out the WIP in the github linked up there, but until I’m further down the line (and have figured out what I’m doing when it comes to web dev) that is all there is to it, so not greatly functional but like I said it’s a start :-)

@gadgetoid being busy with ‘life stuff’ on this Sunday, I have the unexpected opportunity to beat him to the pole and announce that Pinout now has a dedicated URL that you’ll want to bookmark:

Phil is working on deploying the site translations in the not too-distant future and if I may I’ll make a call here for all kind souls who may be able to contribute, particularly for German and Spanish translations (but obviously any and all languages welcome, the more the merrier!).

Either way, happy Pinout!

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we now have German and Spanish translation in progress. Italian and Polish likely to come soon. @gadgetoid or I will post when the subdomains are online (i.e ready for sanity check by other natives, or perusing them)!