Recommend a good soldering station

Can anyone recommend a good soldering station with temperature display?


The Antex 690sd is very good but not cheap|pcrid|72935529017|kword||match||plid||pid|SD01910|&gclid=CjwKCAiA3o7RBRBfEiwAZMtSCeQoWib5jL4i1qoh8_IskMG9lVdvsZBjmmIreTwG1OXNvdRh3ayYQBoCd7IQAvD_BwE



I tend to use the HAKKO FX-888D.

Since 30 years i use Weller products. They are expensive but ultra durable.
My Weller station from 1989 is still working fine. The soldering iron was defectiv 3 months ago and i just bought a new spare for my “old” station - working well again and the parts are still available.