My first soldering


Two photos from my attempt to solder today. First time using a soldering iron. I’m feeling relatively good about how this turned out!

Letting it cool down for a bit before I see if the BME680 board is still working!


Looks pretty good to me. What I do is skip a pin, and do every second pin. Then go back to the start and do the ones I skipped. It spreads the heat out for less chance of damaging something. On the GPIO headers I do every second pin on one row. Then do the same for the second row. Then go back to row 1 and do the ones I skipped. It’s an old habit I picked up many years ago. It spreads the heat out and by the time you back to the beginning again its all cooled off.
Anyway, nice job, have fun. =)


That’s a great idea! Thanks for the tip!


Hi there. i agree - nice job. I know that this is probably obvious anyway, but I would add that the size of soldering iron is important - use the smallest wattage as possible.


Having the right sized tip helps too. Found this.


Very useful info. on that link for beginners.