Did I mess up my Black Hat Hack3r?

Hey guys, I got the Black Hat Hack3r and didn’t realise it needed assembly so naturally I went and bought a soldering iron and went to work. It wasn’t a perfect job I’ll admit but I feel the iron was too hot (no temp control tho) and may have messed up my board.

Here’s a picture:

As you can see it looks very… melty. I connected a simple resistor and LED to a breadboard and connected up the wires to ground and 5v. It lit up as normal, then I tried connecting to a GPIO pin and was going to set up a blinking test - but as soon as I connected it to the GPIO pin the LED lit.

So am I fucked?

That soldering doesn’t look too bad to me - the flux in the solder melts onto the board which is why it has that shiny look to it. I doubt you’d have managed to lift any of the pads on the board, or damage it to the extent that the LED lit immediately on connection to a GPIO.

Try the LED on a different pin, and if you can post pics of all of the solder joints so any errors can be spotted.

Thanks for the reply, here’s another picture, hopefully it’s clear enough

I tried the LED in another pin and it didn’t turn on like it did last time but it also did not turn on when programmed to.

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How did you wire up/program the LED