Regarding Grove pi + sensor

Dear all

I am looking for support . My son is building a project to detect benzene gas using a sensor and integrating it with a Raspberry pi2. He has located a HCHO sensor from a website which markets a product called Grove + which claims to be the interface between Raspberry pi and world of sensors. Please check this weblink

He is trying to buy a HCHO sensor as well from this website . .
However, I am not sure whether the grove pi and seeedstudio is trustworthy and whether I could proceed to buy this product from China or is there any local UK product or alternative way which can meet the needs of my sons project.

Thanks for your help

Seeedstudio are, indeed, trustworthy. We even stock some of their products!

The Grove Gas sensor actually just outputs an analog value ( it’s a bit like an LDR, only for gas ), so you could potentially read it with an Arduino, or with Explorer HAT Pro, if you have either of those already and you don’t need the Grove+ interface.

I had a quick Google and I couldn’t find a local HCHO sensor, if it’s any use I found a whole bunch of others at Hobbytronics though:

Thanks a lot for your inputs. We need the HCHO sensor as my son wants to detect select gases like Benzene possible through HCHO I guess. Need to find out anything else works. Since he has raspberry pi2 , he wants to find an interface for that

‘Grove’ is just a way to connect seedstudio sensors, but you can easily use jumper wires and hook this sensor to an Explorer Pro, which IMO is a better investment than the Grove+, unless you plan on acquiring other grove modules. Another alternative is the RaspIO Duino.

Thank you so much for your suggestion.