RetroPie Blinkt! Project!


with a lot of help from some awesome people i finished my Blinkt! project. each system has its own color that loads when i start a game, and it resets to white when i go back to the menu. its a simple project, but is my first venture into any coding what so ever so i am pretty happy with it!


A little explanation on this.

i used a Blinkt! LED board that clips onto the Pi3 to change colors depending on what system is running. so it boots to a white light, then changes colors depending on the game played. the break down is as follows




GBA= Orange

N64= Red, Green, Yellow, Blue (logo colors)

SG-1000= Blue

SG 32=Aqua

Sega CD=greenish blue

PS1= Yellow

it was a fun project to get my feet wet in coding. it will be short lived as I have a Unicorn Hat HD coming soon :)