Retro Arcade Clock

I made a clock using the Unicorn Hat. But why stop at a clock? I made 5 retro style video games that play in a sort of attract mode. Take a look at a video of my “dots invaders” version of Space Invaders.

I am right in the middle of a Berzerk game “DotZerk” which includes a 64 room scrolling maze, multiple robots hunting the human, and lots of interesting effects.

Please let me know what you think. Pardon the quality of the video, I find it very hard to capture the colors accurately.

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That’s awesome. I am going to add one of them to my picade. Thank you. Would you have an order number, or would you mind PM’ing me your address? We’d like to send you a Unicorn HAT HD :D

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holy cow man, that is incredible! Great work! I wonder what you could do with a much bigger Unicorn, if one existed… :D

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I do have a 64x32 rgb led grid that I purchased. My plan was to do the small one first, then tackle the larger one. I am hooked on the small format though. It makes me have to be very creative.

I am going to make a much better video with a professional camera. Hopefully the brilliance of the colors will come through.

This is a better video, but not the final one.

Here is a demo with 5 clocks, almost synchronized. They are not networked, so it was a bit tricky getting them to boot in the right order.

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Thank you Matt!! The Unicorn HD arrived today. I’ll be trying some conversions on it today and tomorrow, will show you a demo when ready.


Absolute genius, can’t wait to see your coding on the Unicorn Hat HD!

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Hey Matt.

Check out the latest build.