Retro Arcade Clock


I made a clock using the Unicorn Hat. But why stop at a clock? I made 5 retro style video games that play in a sort of attract mode. Take a look at a video of my “dots invaders” version of Space Invaders.

I am right in the middle of a Berzerk game “DotZerk” which includes a 64 room scrolling maze, multiple robots hunting the human, and lots of interesting effects.

Please let me know what you think. Pardon the quality of the video, I find it very hard to capture the colors accurately.


That’s awesome. I am going to add one of them to my picade. Thank you. Would you have an order number, or would you mind PM’ing me your address? We’d like to send you a Unicorn HAT HD :D


holy cow man, that is incredible! Great work! I wonder what you could do with a much bigger Unicorn, if one existed… :D


I do have a 64x32 rgb led grid that I purchased. My plan was to do the small one first, then tackle the larger one. I am hooked on the small format though. It makes me have to be very creative.

I am going to make a much better video with a professional camera. Hopefully the brilliance of the colors will come through.


This is a better video, but not the final one.


Here is a demo with 5 clocks, almost synchronized. They are not networked, so it was a bit tricky getting them to boot in the right order.


Thank you Matt!! The Unicorn HD arrived today. I’ll be trying some conversions on it today and tomorrow, will show you a demo when ready.


Absolute genius, can’t wait to see your coding on the Unicorn Hat HD!