Word Clock using a Unicorn HAT


You’ve probably see this tweeted by the Pirates but I’ve added it here for reference

(I would add the picture from https://twitter.com/pimoroni/status/540431841405468672/photo/1 but it won’t let me :-( )



Awesome project! By far the coolest thing done with Unicorn Hat yet. I tip my hat to you, sir!

I’ll see about tweaking your user level so you can share glorious imagery.


Fantastico! May end up buying a second hat just to run this on my A+. Thanks for sharing.


is a great project and fun - i’m tempted to blow this up and use for the wall.


I wonder if there’s a way of laser cutting the grid with the letters for this? Something along the lines of the ninja diffusion layer but with letters cut out or etched.


It would be possible, but somewhat expensive, to print one onto clear or frosted perspex I think.

The trouble with etching is it might not be enough to let the light through, and the trouble with cutting is… well… A R O P


Just a thought - a cheap vinyl cutter (or sign writing shop) could cut this out and stick to a piece of Acrylic?