Unicorn hat HD Games

I have been playing about with the unicorn hat hd and started making some games for it.

The first thing I have been working on is a space invaders game. I am currently controlling it via the keyboard hence the need for pygame but if it were to use something else for input like GPIO pins then pygame could be ditched.

I need to get my head round drawing text to it so I can make a game over screen etc…

You can clone the code here: https://github.com/kenjara/Unicorn-Hat-HD-Games

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Wow, this is probably the coolest thing I have seen on the UnicornHatHD… Have you gotten the scrolling game over text to work? Nice work!

I wrote a ton of functions to scroll sprites, slide the screen, text, etc. It is all being ported to the HD pi now.
I’ll have a demo ready soon. This is what it looks like now on the 8x8 unicorn hat.

I’ll be watching this. I just recently got myself a Unicorn Hat HD. I want to scroll some messages on it and data from a BME680. Example, The Temperature is 22c and the Humidity is 50% etc.
I’m doing it now on my Sense Hat 8x8 LED matrix. Its easy peasy on that but I want to upgarde from the 8 x 8 to the 16 x 16 goodness.

This code is for the 8x8 hat. Give it a try!

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Hi I just saw this in the “similar posts” to mine, I used the curses lib in my version so I didn’t need pygame and can run it on the cli and capture the key presses without root and without pygame/X11/Whatever. Use the nodelay() function so it doesn’t stop your game. I tried pynut and pygame and keyboard too.