RFM69 433Mhz Bonnet receiving packets problem

I have a Adafruit RFM69 433 Mhz bonnet connected to a Raspberry Pi zero with a coil antenna for 433Mhz.

Am running the example python code from the adafruit sending-data-with-the-rfm69 page.

Setting up the RFM69 module is successful and i can print out device info. eg frequency, temperature etc…

I have a fob key transmitting to 433 Mhz that am trying to detect using the RFM69 bonnet but i never receive any packets.
I know that the receive loop is running as its always flashing Waiting for PKT and i can also remote debug it.

I have tried with a few different 433 Mhz fob keys and different type of antennas but the result is always the same. I cant receive any packets.

any ideas what could be wrong ?

433mhz alas is not as straightforward as it might seem. The Adafruit code is basic and rather limited. It sets up a receive loop for a specific packet structure- that your key fob might not be generating. You may need to delve a bit deeper into the fob data sheet and perhaps I’d suggest searching for the Adafruit forums or indeed their discord server.

Will have a look. Thanks