Robopeak Display


Prelude: Pi Zero NoIR Camera with Preview Screen

@Gadgetoid, or other fellow tech savvy geniuses out there, I don’t suppose you could do me the honour of updating the rp_usbdisplay drivers to include the latest Raspbian version for the Pi Zero W could you? Either that, or point me in the right direction as to how to get back my old version of Raspbian?
I moved from a Pi Zero to a Zero W after a two month hiatus (finally), and the latest Raspbian version doesn’t support the display I’m afraid.

The third option would be not to if you’re too busy, which is always valid. :)

I thank you in advance!


Follow the instructions in the repo to set up the DKMS package, and it’ll rebuild automagically every time there’s a kernel update:


I shall surely try! Thanks again!