DFRobot 2.8” USB TFT Display problem

Hoping someone can help… We followed the tutorial here

and downloaded these

Win32 Disk Imager
Prebuilt Firmwares Web Page

We first formatted the Micro SD card, then wrote the NOOBS files to it. Opening the Wheezy Rasbian img file in the Win32 Disk Imager we then wrote that to the SD card. So we are a bit stuck now. Can anyone offer advice as to what we are doing wrong please?

We can help but is the problem you have ? :-) you don’t explain the problem. From what I read at this point put microSD card into Rpi and then power it up what happens?

I’m assuming you have a Pi 2?

If so, I’m afraid their image simply wont work - it’s not in the least bit Pi 2 compatible.

Fortunately the DFR Robot display does work with Pi 2- I’ve tested it successfully got it working and verified it performs as expected - but… well… it’s somewhat complicated to get up and running and I’ve been working over the last few weeks/months when I can to try and make sure it’s made easier.

According to RoboPeak, they are working on it. See this thread for their response, and a brief overview of the current, painful, solution: http://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=102623

I don’t like the full image as a solution, however, and want to get the display officially supported in Raspbian!

Thank you both of you and I needed to give more details. As Gadgetoid guessed we have a Pi 2 and that’s where we have found things to be beyond us. We tried to follow the tutorial mentioned above but still couldn’t get the display to work so plan to swap it for the adafruit pitft 2.8" display which, I’m told, is more straightforward to use.

I’m hoping the DFRobot/RoboPeak display will be easier to use in time, but things move glacially slow when it comes to kernel development, and admittedly I’m afraid to push too hard on the “upstreaming” process ( I’m probably slipping into French here! ) because it’s not my code!

I wish you more luck with the Adafruit display, but it looks like they’re really trying to make it easier!

Update: New easy-install for an up-to-date version of Raspbian: https://github.com/pimoroni/rp_usbdisplay