Raspberry PI 2 don't boot : Red and Green Light on

I try to install my Raspberry Pi 2 as the others (2 Pi B and 1 Pi B+) but the raspberry don’t boot. Red and Green Led are on but nothing… No start.
I try to reformat my MicroSD card (Samsung 64Go Micro SD XC Plus Class 10 MB-MPCGCA/EU UHS-I)… nothing to do, it will not start. I have no idea what can happen. I have to wonder if Pi does not have a fault and if not I have to return it for an exchange against another.
Do you have some tests that I would not have done to suggest me before?

Which OS are you trying to boot? Have you got another SD card to try?


I want install a raspbian and use the NOOB network install to do it. I don’t have get another µSD to test. With the Raspberry type B, I’ve already use SD 64Go : it works… But µSD, no. To test with another, I must perform some operation to free an another card. as-tu une idée de piste de résolution ? microSD 64 don’t work ?

The problem is solved… The “root cause” (I think) is that i’ve formatted my µSD in ExFAT… I’ve downloaded the raspbian and i copied this image on the card… That’s works fine…

have a nice week-end !

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You too! Glad you got the problem sorted, I knew it would be something to do with the SD card, but there are so many variables it’s a hard thing to pin down!

Happy Hacking!