New R Pi 4b does not boot

Just bought a new R Pi 4b. I formatted a new mirco SD card and put latest NOOBS 3.2.0 on the root directory.
Connected to monitor and turned on with SD card in it.
Red light came on.
Green light didn’t.
Nothing appeared on the screen.
Reformatted SD card again and still the same.
Powered down, removed SD card and powered up.
Red light on, Green light has 1 long flash and 4 small flashes.

Is my Pi broken. If so how can I return it.
Or is there something I can do to confirm it.


Formatted as Fat? Unzipped the file first?

Myself I prefer to just go right to Raspbian, and use Etcher to image my card.

Quick formatted and yes unzipped the file.

If you haven’t already double check that its formatted as FAT and not NTFS. The Pi will only boot from a FAT formatted partition. Also confirm you copied over the “contents” of the extracted folder, and not the folder itself? I have to ask the obvious questions. ;)
Also make sure your monitor is in HDMI 0 not in HDMI 1. Failing all that, Pimoroni is likely going to ask you to try Raspbian in the stock non NOOBS way. I’d do it anyway as a double check.