Raspberry Pi 4 Booting Issues

I just got a Raspberry Pi4 and when I started it up for the first time it never booted. I tried using the recovery SPI EEPROM image that RaspberryPi suggested from their website, but it didn’t work. They say that it should result in a solid green screen, and the ACT light flashing continually, but what I see is a red and green striped screen with the ACT flashing 4 times.

I tried checking the SD (and even tried another card) and it’s ok. Not sure what to do next.

What are you using for a display? And how is it connected?
Remove the SD card and power up the Pi. You should see a solid red and the green flashing in repeating groups of 4. If you see that the onboard eprom is fine, as far as I know anyway. If you see those same 4 green flashes with the SD card inserted something is messed up on the card.
How are you creating / imaging your card?

In the photo above its connected to a projector via HDMI 0 on the Pi, but I’ve tried it on a computer monitor too and the same appears. I just tried to power it on without the SD card and with and both times it has the solid red and green flashing 4 times.

I started using Etcher to flash my SD cards on my iMac, but then tried the Raspberry Pi Imager from their site. I’ve used Etcher before with my Pi zeros and never had any issues.

Ok, just wanted to make sure it wasn’t plugged into the GPIO or something.
In the past I used Etcher, now I use the Pi Foundation Imager.
Any SD card with Buster “should” work in a Pi 4B. Or any Pi for that matter. If your test cards boot up OK in another Pi I’m thinking its a hardware issue with that Pi 4B?
Only other thing I can think of is make sure you don’t have anything connected to the GPIO header, DSI Header, or CSI header.

I’m thinking you have already been here but I’ll post it anyway.

Yeah unfortunately it looks like my new Pi4 is bricked right out of the box… :(

You could try the eprom recovery one more time I guess. Make sure the SD card is formatted fat 32. If I remember correctly, on boot up the green LED should show almost constant activity. I flashed my Pi 4B once or twice right after it was released to try some of the beta firmware.