Robot with streaming video


Hi All,

Building and playing with the Octocam encouraged me to get on with something that I have wanted to do for a while.

I strapped a camera to the front of my robot and using a feed from the camera control in conjunction with a python script.

It reminds me of the TV show Knightmare except instead of dragons you have the stairs to contend with. :)

I tried using Motioneye first but it was too slow as the fast network setting is only on the os version of the software. So I ended up using a little script included in streameye to make the feed.

My script just moves or turns in a given direction for the time provided in seconds.


Hey, this is pretty cool man, I’m gonna try doing something similar in the future, might come to you if I have a problem XD


Thanks, I am about to set the same thing up another robot so it will be fresh in my mind if you need any help.