OctoCam doesn't detect motion

We’ve got the kit connected and can view the image streamed from the camera. We’ve checked all the settings in MotionEye to get it to take still images. But … no pictures are taken when there is motion in front of the OctoCam.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Does that run Motion Eye OS? I’m running Motion Eye on several Pi’s here. I found it very finicky to setup. I either didn’t get a picture when I wanted one, or got a whole bunch taken one after the other.

At present I Have the Motion disabled and just use them for streaming video. I had intentions of having another go at it as I wanted to take pictures on the birds in my feeders. Just never got back to it. I’ll see if I can find time to play around with one of mine over the weekend. Thats when I fill all my feeders.

Yes, I flashed MotionEyeOS onto the SD card, followed the instructions for getting the WiFi set up, and before long we had video streaming to a web browser. But that is as far as I got. I cannot get it to take a picture in response to motion. I even dismantled the kit and waved my hand over it to make sure the sensor wasn’t being obscured.

The post I followed said that the default motion sensing settings would be adequate as a starting point, so I thought they should at least work some of the time. And then I couldn’t find any posts from other people struggling to configure them. So I was starting to wonder if the sensor is faulty. @alphanumeric I will try fiddling with the settings.

Yes, I had missed a setting! Under Still Images - Capture Mode = Motion Triggered. And now I have pictures! I have altered the settings a bit based on this post https://github.com/ccrisan/motioneye/issues/743 and it’s now doing roughly what we need…

Good to hear. Its easy enough to miss something. There are a lot of them that I have no idea what they do.

It looks like its built on this, https://motion-project.github.io/

Thanks for the link and the responses :)

No problem, glad to help. I didn’t buy the actual octocam. I built a reasonable facsimile with stuff I had on hand.
A Pi Zero is likely more than enough for taking stills. I found it struggled with streaming video though. My cameras are built around a 3B+, two 3B’s, and a 3A+. The 3B’s has been basically rock solid. The 3B+ and 3A+ not so much. The stream glitches and I’ve had to redo them once or twice. They stop connecting over WIFI. I “think” its a Motion Eye OS issue with the WIFI chip on the 3B+ and 3A+. Thats my gut feeling. I posted on his forum but got no response.