Rockpool motor control


Hi. In rock pool I currently have each motor speed being controlled by the slider or dial. I have noticed that after the half way point of each the motor starts spinning in the other direction. Is it possible to lock the direct in rockpool so the dial and slider only control speed in one direction. I want the touch module to control the forwards/backwards separately.


You can use the “Forwards” or “Backwards” output options on the motors, instead of “Speed”. Hopefully these are available in the version of Rockpool you’re using- I’ve kind-of lost the plot with the older versions, since we’ve been working on the latest again.


Doh should have tried that before posting thanks.


OK so here we have my Flotilla powered Lego made spirograph, the dial controls the turn table and the slider controls the pen speed. Written in rockpool, I also have the matrix showing a letter for the speed of the pen and the number module showing the speed of the turn table so I can recreated designs.


Holy heck, that’s amazing!

(I’m trying to figure out if we have the parts to re-create it now)


Why thank you very much.

As for parts I must admit the original design for the spirograph can be found here:

But I have very much altered it to fit in with the flotilla motors. I also changed the gearing setup to make the speed changes more apparent. So both the turn table and pen are geared using a 40 tooth large gear to turn an 8 tooth follow gear, which is connected to a worm gear that turns a 16 tooth gear that is connected to the pen or turn table.