Keyboard input on rockpool

Having constructed the robot using the video Im trying to get it to work whilst I wait for the video showing how to set it up in rockpool.
In another video I saw how he was controlling the motors.
However, I cannot for the life of me see how to get the keyboard as an input in rockpool. Can anyone help me?
In the end I used the touch module to do left, up, forward, back and right but its not as good as the keyboard.
Also, when messing out with the matrix, it just displays random text, how can I set the text it displays?



P.s if it matters Im accessing it via a PC and chrome and using the latest flotila software

when you say you are running the latest flotilla software, you mean (codenamed ‘shipshape’), the one provided for PC, with the dock directly connected to that machine? or are you accessing the server running on a Pi over the network from your PC?

regardless, currently, the keyboard input are not always registered until you press a key on the keyboard, so make sure you press a key to force the input menu to update!

sorry should of been clearer. Im accessing rockpool via chrome browser on PC but rockpool is plugged into a PI 2. I tried accessing via browser on the PI but same issue and was a bit slow.



not sure you saw my edit earlier: make sure you press a key on your keyboard to refresh so to speak the input menu! Hopefully that’ll do the trick.

thanks, yes pressing on the keyboard did the trick. Not sure why it didnt before since had tried that.