Scroll hat hd

Hi all I can’t seem to get the hashtag Twitter example to work on the scroll hat hd . It says it’s running but nothing happens? Any help appreciated. Carl

I had a lot of problems as well, it seems the version that was installed was not the latest. I copied it directly from the GitHub screen and added in my api keys and then it started working. Did you install all the required libraries, tweepy and such?

Hi thanks for the reply. I have got it going but it may not suit what I’m after. At the moment it takes a while for anything to appear then a tweet will appear and disappear. So you need to be there to see it?

I have played with and can show a Twitter feed via it and it works very well. It continually scrolls the last few tweets and updates but only shows one person’s tweets. I would like to see updates from about 3 I follow.

The program twit3k works great on the displayotron and gives you latest tweets on your time line if I could get that one going with scrollphathd it would be ideal.

Thanks again Carl