#Twitter Scrollphathd code not working


Hi, I am having trouble getting the twitter code to work for the Scrollphathd,

I have set up a #tag for it to track
(unsure if I should have removed the # in the " keyword = ‘#3Dprinting’ " but the result is the same either way)
and input my various keys and tokens but when I set the code running I only get a few boxes and dots scrolling across my screen and no text. I have tried this from scratch many times and everyone else seems to be having no problems so I understand it must be something I am doing wrong.

just to let you know I have successfully got the wildfire and swirl to work along with scrolling test I input so the hardware seems to be fine.

I would appreciate any help as I would like to get my bot scrolling all my notifications but need to get this working before I try bending it to my purposes.




yeah same problem, and still not found solution for fix this


Managed to re-create. I swear it worked before, honest!

Now trying to figure out what’s going on!


maybe twitter api changed or something with scrollphathd text show…?


i see you played a bit and i tested what you modified and this now working thx :)


Is it working now? What changed?


Yup working :) you can see the github what he changed ;)


Wicked I will give it a try tonight


oke ;) morning here :P am 7:17


Lol yeah it’s 6:30 am here but I’m going to work. 😁


haha i just finished the work at 5:45 :) so i going to sleep now


Yes, I tinkered with it for a bit and traced it to my old nemesis; encoding!

It seems to be stable now, hopefully it’ll stay that way.


thank you :) keyword = ‘#raspberrypi,#pimoroni’ i can track multiple hashtags?


I wanted to remove the keyword and filters open the torrent of all my
Twitter notifications. 😁 Bring it on LOL


that’s working now. thanks :-)
now I need to figure out how to only nshow my notifications instead of the worlds tweets with the keyword. :-)
but I can try and figure that out now from this starting point.


if you know something smart dont forget to share :)


I’m such a noob, I eventually go my script working. But, with a standard scrollphathd install… what command could I have run to download the new version of the script via git? I would like to pull all the examples anyway, there are some on the git that are not in my local install when I installed it via the Pimoroni Dashboard.


To clone the whole repository into your current directory:

git clone https://github.com/pimoroni/scrollphat-hd