ScrollPhat HD and Twitter problems

Hi folks

I’ve setup the following Twitter hashtag code courtesy of @mrglennjones et al (Pi Zero W):

And have entered all my keys etc.

On opening it however and then running, NOTHING happens at all - it only shows:

%cd /home/pi/Desktop

Not quite sure what I’m doing wrong so grateful for any pointers!




Did the following…

git clone -b devel scroll-phat-hd-devel
cd scroll-phat-hd-devel/library
sudo python ./ install

Hi Jim, I tried this but still have a blank scrollphatHD - if I write various print lines I can see that it is getting tweets - but just never seems to show them - any ideas?

When i followed your instructions it all seemed to work - but in the new devel folder there isn’t a twitter example…

any thoughts/suggestions much apprechiated!!