Scroll PHAT HD and Geekwork x735 in project

Hey all,

I am building a project with a Pi 4, Geekwork x735 power-management board and the Scroll PHAT HD. According to the Pinout page, the ScrollPHATHD(SPH) uses Pins 2, 3 and 5. So i connected jumpers to these pins and attached them to the Power management board. I understand they are meant to be soldered to all the pins. So my question is, does this work, and if so, why am i getting an error that the hardware is not supported when i try and download libraries, and when i try and run, nothing happens.

Thanks for the help!

Pins 2,3,5 “and 9”. It sounds like you missed the ground pin, the one with the black horse shoe shaped border around it.
Also make sure i2c is enabled in Raspberry Pi Configuration.
Wiring up just the needed pins should work. I’ve done it that way with the LED Shim. I have mine remote mounted vertically, instead of horizontally on the Pi.
You are running Raspbian Buster right? The Pimoroni installer will only work with Raspbian.