Scroll pHAT HD power useage?

hi im wondering what the power useage is for the scroll phat hd??
as im tempted to get one for my PITop laptop to display time and battery power


I don’t have any figure, but it certainly wouldn’t be very much, or a large concern for a non-battery power setup like this.

FWIW one of the attendee at this year’s Pi Party had a Scroll pHAT HD as a name badge and ran it most of the day on a 2000mAh LiPo… well, I think it was the way he powered it, I don’t recall but would expect that sort of consumption for typical usage.

actually I hunted down his blog post on the subject and he had a 1000mAh running for about 4 hours - obviously that covers the Pi’s own consumption as well, but that gives you a rough idea what to expect anyhow.

… if of interest, here’s a link to Carl’s amazing project based on a Scroll pHAT HD: