Scroll pHAT HD with ESP8266 boards - Can it be used with 3.3V?

I’ve found that the IS31FL3731 chip on the Scroll pHAT HD can work in the range of 2.7V to 5.5V

Does that mean that I can use the pHAT directly with an ESP8266 based board that works with 3.3V, like the D1 Mini?

You are aware that the Pi uses 3.3V logic, right? Not 5V logic. The scroll pHat will need 5V for power, but I would think all the other inputs should be fine with 3.3V signals. Have a look here,

I didn’t know that. I guess i thought that since all the HATs I have and looked up on uses 5V, then the logic must be 5V as well.

That’s one of the gotchas with a Pi. It’s powered by 5V but uses 3.3V logic. You have to be careful what you connect to it. Your only issue is the scroll pHat needs 5V for power.